Table 2: The development of super structural testing machines in China.

No. Setting or Manufacturing Unit Equipment Name Load Capacity Space
1 Dalian University of Technology Electro-hydraulic servo compression testing machine 10,000 kN
2 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Electro-hydraulic servo loading system 20,000 kN
3 Tongji University Large multifunctional structural experiment system 10,000 kN 4 m×2 m×5 m
4 Tongji University General purpose loading system(GPLS) 30,000 kN Up to 6.1 m
5 Tsinghua University Spatial multifunctional structure loading device 20,000 kN 6 m×6 m×8 m
6 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Large multifunctional structural testing system 10,000 kN
7 Beijing University of Technology Multifunctional structure loading system 40,000 kN 6 m×4 m×8 m
8 Taiwan National Earthquake Engineering Research Center Multi-axial testing system(MATS) 60,000 kN Up to 5 m
9 Tianshui Hongshan testing machine Co., Ltd. Large multifunctional electro-hydraulic servo pressure shear testing machine 30,000 kN Up to 0.3 m
10 Nanjing University of Technology Pressure shear testing machine 10,000 kN
11 Shanghai Institute of Technology Large electro-hydraulic servo multifunctional structure testing system 10,000 kN
12 Nantong University Large multifunctional structure testing system 10,000 kN
13 Beijing Fluid Control System Corp. Rubber bearing pressure shear electro-hydraulic servo testing system 20,000 kN
14 Shanghai Jiao tong University Large structure testing system 10,000 kN
15 Tianshui Hongshan testing machine Co., Ltd. High strength wide plate tensile testing machine 50,000 kN 5 m×2.2 m×0.12 m
16 Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd Electro-hydraulic servo bridge bearing testing machine 52,000 kN 2 m×2 m×1.15m
17 Southwest Jiaotong University Multifunctional bridge rubber bearing testing machine 120,000 kN
18 Jilin University Super large dynamic and static multifunctional testing machine 120,000 kN 4 m×2 m×10 m
19 China state construction technical center The facility of advanced structural testing(FAST) 108,000 kN Up to 10 m