Table 1: Comparison of suspended-dome of 40m span between different missing conditions.

Comparison of Parameters Numbers of Missing Column
none 1 2 3 4
Maximum member specifications Φ180×8 Φ180×8 Φ180×8 Φ245×12 Φ245×12
Displacement, mm 6 20 32 76 74
Maximum support reactions, kN 86 171(1.98) 300(3.49) 910(10.58) 1297(15.1)
Amount of steel, kg/m2 61.55 61.55 61.55 62.85 62.9
Limit load factors 10.81 10.58 10.39 1.96

Note: Data in brackets are the ratio of the current data to the normal. Maximum member specifications in bracket mean the maximum rod specifications of suspended-dome. Signal Φ180×8 means 180mm diameter and 8mm thickness of the steel tube, and other symbols represent the same meaning. Displacement shows the maximum displacement of the structure under the action of load D+L+P (transverse load + live load + prestressing load). Maximum support reactions represent the maximum horizontal force acting under the load above. Amount of steel represents the amount of steel used per square meter. Limit load factors mean ultimate load factor, which is used to reflect the deviation of the design load and the actual load.