Table 1: Classification of dental enamel defects in coeliac disease according to Aine [24, 30-32].

Grade 0 No Defects.
Grade I Defect in enamel color. Single or multiple cream, yellow or brown opacities (marks) with clear or hazed boundary, part of the dental enamel may lack transparency.
Grade II Slight structural enamel defects, rough surface with horizontal groves or pits, distortion of enamel color and transparency.
Grade III Evident structural defects. A part or the entire surface of enamel rough and filled with deep horizontal grooves that vary in width or have large vertical pits; large opacities of different colors or strong discolorations may appear in combination.
Grade IV Severe structural defects. The shape of the tooth changed. The tips of cusps are sharp-pointed and/or the incisal edges are unevenly thinned and rough. The thinning of the enamel material is easily detectable and the lesion may be strongly discolored.