Table 4: Awareness of the physicians (sub groups) regarding the relationship between periodontal diseases and systemic conditions.

Answer Interns % Internal/Family Medicine % Other Physicians %
Is periodontal disease a complication of diabetes mellitus? Yes 58.3 88.9 79.6
Should diabetic patients be routinely referred to a dentist? Yes 58.3 87.3 77.3
Does active periodontal disease have an influence on the glucose level of the diabetic patient? Yes 33.3 62 63.6
Does periodontal treatment have an effect on the glucose level of the diabetic patient? Yes 8.3 50.8 47.7
Is HbA1C the best and most accurate lab test for control of diabetes mellitus patients? Yes 91.7 98.4 88.6
Is periodontitis an independent risk factor to develop myocardial infarction? Yes 16.7 27.9 39.6
Does periodontal treatment have an effect in reducing systemic inflammatory markers? Yes 50 68.9 67.4
Is gingival enlargement the most common oral manifestation for Nifedipine? Yes 16.7 57.4 30.2
Can dental treatment be proceeded without stopping aspirin? Yes 71.9 39.3 23.3
Do you have to stop aspirin (≥3 days) before proceeding with dental treatment? Yes 33.3 54.1 51.2
Do you believe that active periodontal disease may lead to preterm delivery and low birth weight? Yes 8.3 29.5 30.0
What is the best trimester of pregnancy to perform elective dental treatment? Second 25.0 71.0 30.0