Table 1: Resin Composite Materials and Finishing/polishing Instruments Tested in this Study

Resin Composite
Code Resin Composite Shade Lot # Type (Filler Size) Manufacturer
AP-X Clearfil AP-X A3 1115AB 3.0 µm (hybrid) Kuraray Medical
ES Estelite ∑ A3 J22116S 0.2 µm (submicron) Tokuyama Dental
Finishing and Polishing Instrument
Code Material Shade Lot # Type Manufacturer
SF Diamond Point FG SF114 30610 25 µm diamond Shofu
WP White Point CA No. 44 0206534 20 µm alminum oxide Shofu
SB Stainbuster 2504 7640 17 µm zircon oxide fiber Danville Materials
CM Compomaster CA 13S 0106133 6 µm diamond Shofu