Table 5: Suggestion of design modifications for dry iron B.

Modification Figure Justifications
Modify the casing by adding a hanger and tow snaps The two screws can be eliminated as it can be replaced with a tow-snap. The hanger can be assembled to the sole plate cover.
Eliminate the handle (combined with casing) The handle can be combined with casing as a single component. There is no reason to divide these components
Eliminate the vertical cord lift (combined with casing) For the casing design, by adding a hole at the back of the casing will allow the movement of the cord. It will reduce the assembly time and also cost saving.
Add a slide button at a sole plate cover. Adding a slide button on the sole plate cover for ease of releasing or attaching of the casing. This method requires less time for the installation and screws are unneeded.
Eliminate two threads and two screws These threads can be replaced by two snap holes, which are matched to the casing during installation. This design does not need the use a screwdriver during installation and it helps to save assembly time and indirectly increased the design efficiency of the product.