Table 5: Correlations between neuropsychological and linguistic assessments with chronological age, years of education and years post HIV diagnosis for the HIV-positive group.

Age Education Diagnosis Sentence repetitioni Syntactic repetitioni
Age -0.24 (p=.136) -0.049 (p=.765)
Education 0.523j (p=.001) 0.453j(p=.003)
Diagnosis -0.378 (p=.016) -0.455j(p=.003)
MMSEa -.033 (p=.840) 0.572j (p<0.001) -0.303 (p=.057) 0.386j (p=.014) 0.512j(p=.001)
RAVLT Totalb -.257 (p=.110) 0.151 (p=.354) -0.469j (p=.002) 0.186 (p=.250) 0.184 (p=.255)
RAVLT Delayc -.344j(p=0.30) 0.314j (p=.048) -0.541j(p<.001) 0.207 (p=.200) 0.175 (p=.280)
SDMTd -.204 (p=.207) 0.605j (p<.001) -0.336j (p=.034) 0.426j(p=.006) 0.451j (p=.003)
LOTe -.100 (p=.538) 0.351j (p=.026) -0.432j(p=.005) 0.071 (p=.662) 0.154 (p=.343)
SNSTf .311 (p=.051) -0.148 (p=.363) 0.016 (p=.923) -0.19 (p=.240) -0.059 (p=.719)
TMTAg .309 (p=.052) -0.398 (p=.011) 0.478j(p=.002) -0.328j(p=.039) -0.364j (p=.021)
TMTBh .298 (p=.062) -0.484j (p=.002) 0.426j(p=.006) -0.384j(p=.014) -0.421j (p=.007)
Semantic fluency -0.171 (p=.291) 0.326j(p=.040) -0.039 (p=.810) 0.352j(p=.026) 0.231 (p=.152)
Phonemic fluency -0.004 (p=.980) 0.545j (p<.001) -0.442j(p=.004) 0.351j(p=.027) 0.434j(p=.005)
CD4 -0.053 (p=.747) 0.328j(p=.042) -0.045 (p=.784) 0.164 (p=.320) 0.147 (p=.373)
CD4 nadir -0.324j (p=.047) 0.122 (p=.465) -0.172 (p=.303) -0.113 (p=.501) -0.137 (p=.412)

aMini-Mental State Examination test (maximum score=30); bRey Auditory-Verbal Learning test (maximum score= 75); cRAVLT-Delayed recall (maximum score=15 each subtest); dSymbol Digit Modalities Test (maximum score=115); eLine Orientation Test (maximum score=10); fStroop Neuropsychological Screening Test (maximum score=112); gTrail Making Test A; hTrail Making Test B; iSentence and syntactic structure repetition (maximum score=15 each); jsignificant difference p < 0.05