Table 1: AN Pharmacotherapy - General Considerations.

♦ Anorexic patients experience pharmacological intervention as an invasive,uncontrollable action as a strong, toxic and aggressive treatment.
♦ Resistance to undertaking a cure is one of the most marked pathological traits in AN.
♦ The AN therapy consists in setting up simultaneous or sequential interventions of individual and / or family psychotherapy, nutritional and pharmacological,being the symptoms of the disease multiplied by biological, psychological and family factors.
♦ Some pilot studies have highlighted the usefulness of some second-generation antipsychotics (olanzapine, aripiprazole) in the treatment of anorexia nervosa
♦ Citalopram can reduce depression and anxiety during weight recovery
♦ Fluoxetine does not promote weight recovery but can reduce relapse
♦ Supplements of l-tryptophan in the diet do not increase the efficacy of fluoxetine.