Table 2: BN Pharmacotherapy

♦ Tricyclic antidepressants with precaution for the marked side effects
♦ SNRI (venlafaxine)
♦ NDRI (bupropion but to be used carefully because it can lower the seizure threshold
♦ Agomelatine for the treatment of NES
♦ Antiepileptics (topiramate)
♦ Short-term treatment seems able to reduce by 70% the frequency of binge eating and elimination behavior, as well as improving the emotional component.
♦ Fluoxetine, 60 mg / day is the drug of choice: there is good evidence of efficacy, the side effects profile is modest and the only drug approved by the FDA for Bulimia Nervosa.
♦ If the first drug used did not produce sufficient results, there is evidence that another antidepressant could be effective.
♦ The minimum duration of an effective treatment should be no less than six months.