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S1 DE “DYSTONIA” OR DE “FOCAL dystonia” OR (dystoni* or cramp*) 1,660
S2 DE “ARM” OR (DE “WRIST” OR DE “CARPAL bones” OR DE “WRIST extension” OR DE “WRIST flexion”) OR (DE “HAND” OR DE “FINGERS” OR DE “FLEXOR tendons” OR DE “METACARPUS”) OR (hand* or finger* or wrist* or phalanx or phalanges or digit or digits or digital or thumb* or palm* or digitorum or carpi or carpal* or metacarpal* or pollicis or interphalangeal or stenographer* or writer* or typist* or telegraphist* or musician* or clarinet* or flautist* or flutist* or flute or oboe or oboist* or saxophone or saxophonist* or bagpipe* or bassoon or bassoonist* or guitar or guitarist* or bass or bassist* or banjo* or harp or harpist* or zither* or mandolin* or koto* or string player* or violin or violinist* or viola or violist* or cello or cellist* or keyboard* or pianist* or piano* or organist* or harpsichord* or accordion* or percussion* or drummer* or tabla* or bata or brass or trumpet* or trombon* or tuba or hornplayer* or barber* or beautician* or golfer*) 160,253
S3 S1 AND S2 160
S4 (focal and dystoni* and (limb* or extremit*)) or yips 256
S5 S3 OR S4 388
S6 DE “BOTULINUM toxin” OR (Botox or BTX or botulin* or Meditoxin or Neuronox or Oculinum or OnabotulinumtoxinA or Abobotulinumtoxina or Evabotulinumtoxina or Incobotulinumtoxina or Allergan or Azzalure or Bocouture or Botox or Dysport or Onaclostox or “Toxine botulinique” or Vistabel or Xeomin or rimabotulinum* or Myobloc or NeuroBloc or Bontoxilysin or Tentoxilysin or “Tetanus neurotoxin”) 930
S7 S5 AND S6 13