Fig. (2) Centrality is a measure of the importance of the nodes composing the network. Centrality is a count of the number of connections a network member has to the other members of the network. It is often thought that a member with a high number of connections holds a central position by being highly embedded in the network. Centrality is measured on a scale of 0 to 1 (depending on the integers of correlation coefficients), with those scores closest to plus 1 being the most central actors in the network. In our network, those measured parameters with higher centrality scores are more interconnected with the larger network of metabolomic compounds that effect x. Correlations (indicated on the lines as positive or negative) and hierarchic weights of nodes (indicated in squares in addition to the nodes). GSP=gastric+splanchnic pancreas, DP= duodenal pancreas, SIC= Small Intestinal Content.