Table 4: Differences between baseline and post-treatment values of CISS, NPC and PFV.

Group I Group II
Mean CISS Score Baseline 27.9±4.6 27.7±3.9
At 12th Week 15.9±3.7 14.6±4
Statistical Significance Z=1.011, p<0.05
Mean NPC Baseline 10±2.6 9.5±3.1
At 12th Week 5.1±1.6 4.9±1.6
Statistical Significance Z=0.754, p<0.05
Mean PFV Baseline 4.2±1.5 4.1±1.4
At 12th Week 14.5±3.1 14.9±1.9
Statistical Significance Z=1.335, p<0.05

Data are presented as mean ±SD; CISS: Convergence insufficiency Symptom Survey score; NPC: Near convergence point in centimeters; PFV: positive fusional vergence in prism diopters.