Table 3: Significantly enriched molecular functions and biological processes among the differential expression signature (top 10 ranked by FDR)

Gene Ontology ID Name P-value FDR B&H Genes from Signature
Molecular Functions
GO:0005102 Receptor binding 4.03E-08 3.21E-05 53
GO:0001968 Fibronectin binding 9.49E-06 3.77E-03 6
GO:0050839 Cell adhesion molecule binding 1.54E-05 3.77E-03 13
GO:0008289 Lipid binding 2.37E-05 3.77E-03 26
GO:0098772 Molecular function regulator 2.37E-05 3.77E-03 40
GO:0034987 Immunoglobulin receptor binding 5.95E-05 7.89E-03 5
GO:0004872 Receptor activity 7.95E-05 9.04E-03 45
GO:0003823 Antigen binding 9.58E-05 9.53E-03 9
GO:0005539 Glycosaminoglycan binding 1.29E-04 1.03E-02 12
GO:0060089 Molecular transducer activity 1.30E-04 1.03E-02 50
Biological Processes
GO:0006955 Immune response 1.16E-31 5.39E-28 99
GO:0002682 Regulation of immune system process 7.71E+31 1.80E-27 94
GO:0001775 Cell activation 8.98E-30 1.39E-26 75
GO:0006952 Defense response 2.66E-28 3.10E-25 98
GO:0002684 Positive regulation of immune system process 2.18E-27 2.03E-24 70
GO:0045321 Leukocyte activation 4.12E-26 3.20E-23 62
GO:0050776 Regulation of immune response 1.61E-24 1.07E-21 68
GO:0050900 Leukocyte migration 6.19E-24 3.60E-21 42
GO:0009611 Response to wounding 1.65E-22 8.55E-20 67
GO:0097530 Granulocyte migration 2.73E-21 1.27E-18 25