Fig. (1) Focal length variability measurements in bovine lenses exposed to high frequency microwaves. Experimental treatments were initiated after pre-incubation of 24 hours. Only non-damaged lenses were included in the study. Control lenses were incubated in culture conditions for 15 days. Treated lenses were exposed 90 or 192 cycles of 50 minutes irradiation at 1.1 GHz and 2.22 mW, followed by 10 minutes pause start after 24 hours pre-incubation. The 90 cycles ends on day 6 of the culture and the 192 cycles on day 10 of the culture period. Focal length variability measurements show a change in lens optical quality by irradiation. The optical quality of the lenses was determined by measuring the focal length at different points for each lens. The focal length variability represents the variation in the 22 focal length measurements during each scan. The focal length variability is measured as the standard error (SE) of the focal length. Note that control lenses (blue line) show almost no variation in focal length during the 15 days of culture. However, lenses exposed to 90 (green line) or 192 cycles (red line) of micro-wave showed an increase in focal length variability two days after microwave exposure, and then returned to normal after the expo-sure was stopped.