Fig. (3) Cytology changes of lens epithelial cells were observed after exposure to microwave electromagnetic radiation or conductive heat. (A,B) Control lenses at two different magnifications (A) 25X and (B) 100X showed clear lenses with an intact lens epithelial layer at both magnifications. (C) Lenses exposed to microwaves (90 cycles) showed almost no damage at low magnification. (D) At high magnification damage was clearly located at the lens epithelial layer. (E,F) Lenses exposed to 192 cycles demonstrated damage to the lens epithelium at both magnifications. The cell's layer was not intact, cells were missing as demonstrated by the black spots. Note the prominence of the suture and enhancement of cell death in the microwave exposed lenses. (G,H) Lenses exposed to conductive heat at 39.5°C showed bubbles of damaged cells. Comparison be-tween F and H showed a remarkably different lens morphlogical change by microwaves and conductive heat.