Fig. (3) a: Time-dependent loss of adhesion of living subconfluent HLE-B3 lens epithelial cells on Bionas® sensor chips. Note that in subconfluent cells, 20 and 30 µM Mibefradil induced a clearly decrease of cell’s adhesion capacity already after 2 h (* p<0.05, 4 h ** p<0.01, 6 h *** p<0.001) compared to the untreated control and, reached a nearly total inhibition after 20 h. Bionas 2500 instrument (Bionas® GmbH). b: The influence of Mibefradil on confluent HLE-B3 lens epithelial cells is negligible. Here, only Mibefradil in the highest concentration (30 µM) inhibited cell adhesion first after 18 h (* p<0.05). The lower Mibefradil concentrations revealed no effect on living cell adhesion during the observed time frame.