Fig. (2) (A) and (B) Dose-dependence of hydrogen peroxide on SERCA protein levels. (C) and (D) Hydrogen peroxide treatment time dependence of SERCA protein levels. (Top Inset) A typical Western Blot showing time-dependent effects of 10 µM hydrogen peroxide on SERCA protein expression in the HLE B-3 cells. An equal amount of membrane protein was loaded in each lane and subjected to electrophoresis. A and C) SERCA2, 100-105 kDa, B and D) SERCA3, 97 kDa. Blots were incubated with a specific SERCA antibody, then stripped and reprobed with β-actin antibody antibody (lower Western Blot insert, 42 kDa). (Bars) Densitometric analysis of Western Blots.