Table 3: NICµs Specifications and Performance for 13.889 KHz Clock

Parameters Specification/Performance
Technology CMOS 0.5 mm
Die size 3 mm x 3 mm
Probe type Donut probe
Number of probes 5 x 5array (25 probes)
Resolution of probes 150 µm x 150 µm
Total area of probes 750 µm x 750 µm
Number of current stimulator 5
Current Stimulator 8 bits
Supply voltage 5V (or 3V)
Resolution of current stimulator 2.5 µA
Current stimulator output (for input 0-BE) 0-400 µA(Linear range)
Current stimulator output (for max. input FF) 430 µA(max.)
Type of waveform (software configurable) Monophasic (anodic)
Monophasic (cathodic)
Biphasic (with interphase delay)
Biphasic (without interphase delay)
Pulse width (programmable by 6-bit counter) 0-2.88 ms
Data rate 13.889 Kbits/sec
Frame rate 55.94 frames/sec
Power consumption (no load) 1.59 mW at 3V
13.70 mW at 5V
Power consumption (full load) 2.44 mW at 3V
18.65 mW at 5V

†For 5V supply.‡For clock frequency 13.889 KHz