Table 2: Review of literature.

Study Published Year Total Knees Study Type Scoring System Functional Outcome Scoring Complications
Oni &Mackeney [4] 1985 3 Case Series Not used Not used Flexion contracture
Quadriceps tendon rupture
Insall et al [5] 1989 13 Retrospective
Hoehn and Yahr Classification Hospital for special surgery knee score Flexion contracture.
Bilateral patellar fracture.confusion.
patellar subluxation.
Deep vein thrombosis.
Pulmonary embolism.
Urinary tract infection, skin necrosis. intestinal ileus.
Fast et al [10] 1994 1 Case report Hoehn and Yahr Classification Not used None
Duffy and Trousdale [6] 1996 33 Retrospective analysis Columbia Classification Knee Society Score (KSS) Confusion,
patellar subluxation,
deep vein thrombosis,
superficial infection,
myositis ossificans, wound necrosis, respiratory tract infection,reoperation deep infections,
patella fracture
Erceg, Maricevic [11] 2000 1 Case report Not used Not used Recurrent posterior tibial dislocation
Shah et al [9] 2004 1 Case report Columbia Classification Not used Flexion contracture, diabetic coma, pneumonia,
urinary tract infection
Tinning et al [7] 2013 32 Case control study Not used Knee Society Score (KSS) and Knee Society
Function Score (KSFS)
Functional outcome study
Jämsen et al [8] 2014 567 National Joint registry data Not used Not used Surgical site infection
deep infection
increased mortality
prolonged hospital stay