Fig. (2) The different curve patterns according to Lehnert-Schroth Augmented Classification. These curve patterns determine the types of scoliosis specific exercises and braces prescribed. From left to right, the curve patterns are respectively 3CH (thoracic curve with hip protruding contralateral to the side of thoracic convexity), 3CTL (thoracic curve with apex at T12 and hip protruding to the other side), 3C(a balanced thoracic curve with very little or no coronal imbalance), 3CL (a thoracic curve with a long lumbar counter curve), 4C (a double major curve, with little pelvis shift), 4CL (lumbar curve with pelvis shifting to the contralateral side) and 4CTL (thoracolumbar curve with apex at L1 and pelvis shifting to the contralateral side).