Table 6: Current and reported bridging bone fusion rates for MI SIJ fusion.

Study N Fusion Rate Follow-up Notes
Current study 19
12 months
24 months
CT imaging; independently assessed and adjudicated for bridging bone. Threaded implant fixation with decortication and graft placement.
Kube et al [17] 20 88% 12 months Thin slice (<2mm) CT imaging assessment of bony bridging across the SIJ and absence of lucency. Threaded implant fixation with decortication and graft placement.
Duhon et al [12] 159 25% 12 months CT imaging assessment of bridging bone either adjacent or distant to triangular titanium implants.
Rudolf et al [14] 15 87% 5 years CT imaging assessment of evidence of osseous bridging across the SIJ. Triangular titanium implants.
Treon et al [18] 37 51% 13 months CT assessment of fusion status after distraction interference arthrodesis neurovascular anticipating (DIANA) posterior MI SIJ fusion.
Gaetani et al [13] 12 100%
(“initial fusion”)
3 months CT imaging demonstrated “initial fusion” at 3 months with triangular titanium implants.
Schroeder et al [27] 6 67% 4-15 months Successful fusion defined as bridging bone across the SIJ in an axial or coronal CT scan or on two x-ray views. Triangular titanium implants.