Table 2: THA Failure Data

Gender Age at Diagnosis (y) Age at Implantation (y) Primary THA Design Time to Revision (Months) Previous Surgery Reason for Revision Revision Design
m 9 50 Cemented (SPII, MarkIII) 47 N aseptic loosening stem ENDO MODULAR
w 14 31 Hybrid (SPII; TOP) 63 n aseptic loosening stem Zweym├╝ller
m 14 47 cemented (SPII; MarkIII) 9 n prostethic infection SPII, Mark III
w 14 37 Hybrid (SPII; TOP) 72 y aseptic loosening stem ENDO MODULAR
m 17 48 cemented (SPII; MarkIII) 31 y aseptic loosening cup MARK III
w 10 19 cementless (CFP; TOP) 65 y aseptic loosening cup and stem SPII, Mark III