Table 3: Content of the modules in the programme.

Module 1:
Basic knowledge and classification related to diabetes mellitus
Study unit 1.1:
Description of diabetes mellitus and its classification
▪ Concepts used for Diabetes mellitus and care
▪ Normal regulation of blood glucose
▪ Types of diabetes mellitus
▪ Clinical difference between diabetes type 1 and type 2
Study unit 1.2:
Risk factors and sign and symptoms of diabetes
▪ Signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus
▪ Risk factors of diabetes mellitus
Module 2: Prevention and control of diabetes Study unit 2.1
Promotion of healthy lifestyle
▪ Early detection of diabetes by FINDRISK tool)
▪ Healthy diets
▪ Healthy food guide pyramid
▪ Plate model
▪ Role of physical activity in the prevention of diabetes
▪ Physical activities for diabetic patients
▪ Benefits of losing weight
▪ Avoidance of alcohol
▪ Avoidance of tobacco use
Module 3:
Management of diabetes and prevention of complications by HBCs
Study unit 3:1
Management of diabetes
▪ Measures by HBCs to manage diabetes mellitus
▪ Role of HBCs in assisting adherence to diabetic treatment
▪ Knowledge of glucose testing and to assist diabetic patients on treatment
Study unit 3: 2
Complications of diabetes mellitus and care provision by HBCs
▪ Complications of diabetes mellitus.
▪ Hypoglycaemia, signs and symptoms, causes and prevention
▪ Diabetic foot problems, prevention of foot ulcer and amputation and wound dressing
▪ Management and care of complications by HBCs