Table 2: Non-parametric analysis of disease activity and lipid blood levels in RA patients (Spearman’s coefficient of correlation).

Lipid blood level DAS 28-hsCRP DAS 28-ESR Disease activity assessed by physician Disease activity assessed by patient TJC68 SJC66
HDL, mmol/l R=-0.55, p=0.006 R=-0.67, p=0.0001 R=-0.11, p=0.59 R=-0.23, p=0.27 R=-0.422, p=0.036 R=-0.54, p=0.005
LDL, mmol/l R=0.24, p=0.3 R=0.39, p=0.06 R=0.39, p=0.049 0.46, p=0.02 R=0.4, p=0.047 R=0.26, p=0.2
AI R=0.627, p=0.001 R=0.79, p=0.0001 R=0.38, p=0.06 R=0.49, p=0.01 R=0.59, p=0.002 R=0.57, p=0.003
Total Cholesterol, mmol/l R=0.045, p=0.83 R=0.1,
R=0.42, p=0.028 R=0.35, p=0.08 R=0.25, p=0.2 R=0.12, p=0.55

LDL: low-density lipoprotein; HDL: high-density lipoprotein; AI –atherogenic index. *- p<0.05, **- p<0.005, ***- p<0.0005