Table 1: Comprehensive care offers an enhanced-medical home model that includes a family-center approach to promote prompt effective care with the goal to reduce serious illnesses.

Intervention Usual Care Comprehensive Care
Experienced caregivers knowledgeable about each patient and available 24/7 by cell phone with EMR access No Yes
High priority given to prevent unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations No Yes
Identification each day of all hospitalizations and ED visits to assure prompt follow up and care coordination No Yes
Same day and walk-in appointment No Yes
Subspecialist in the clinic No Yes*
Bilingual providers (Spanish, English) Sometimes Always
Coordination of care by Nurse Practitioners No Yes
Nutritionist and Social worker in clinic No Yes
Low provider-to-patient ratio No Yes#

*Pediatric Pulmonary as a Primary care provider, Adolescence medicine, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Allergy and Immunology, Infectious diseases in clinic one per month and on call 24/7 over phone.
#Provider-to-patient ratio: (<1:50).