Fig. (2) Activity plan for (A) all patients and (B) active patients. Panel A – Patients are encouraged to walk or cycle at a “moderate” Modified BORG (CR-10) Score for breathlessness (3/10 to 4/10). *Patients whose physical activity exceeds 30 minutes of activity >3 METS five days a week, and who want to further increase their physical activity, proceed to Panel B. Panel B – Patients are considered active if they exceed 30 minutes of physical activity >3 METS five days a week. *Options for advancing activity level include: 1) increase the time spent walking/cycling in increments of 5-10 minutes 5/7 days and/or walking more briskly; 2) gradually increase activity to 6/7 days; or 3) focus on lifestyle adjustments (e.g. use stairs instead of elevator).