Table 2.: Fungus, Antifungal Treatment, whether Tapered Off Prednisone, and Response

Case Fungus Antifungal Treatment (Weeks) Weaned Off Prednisone Response
1 C parapsilosis & others 2 V&A yes Resolution cough and sputum by 2 wk, recurrence 5 wk later, then death 3 wk later related to mucous plugging
2 C albicans, C glabrata 6 V - Resolution of rhonchi and congested cough by 3 wk, recurrence at 6 mo
3 C albicans & others 8 V&A yes Improved sputum by 3 wk, with recurrence at 4 mo
4 C krusei 16 V prednisone for GVHD Resolution of rhonchi and congested cough by 3 wk, continued until death from multiorgan failure
5 C tropicalis 1 V&A prednisone for rheumatoid arthritis Resolution of cough and sputum by 2 wk, with recurrence at 5 mo
6 C albicans, Aspergillus 2 V yes Significant improvement by 2 wk, then recurrence 2 wk later
7 C albicans & others not treated stayed on prednisone Continued sputum and high prednisone over next year
8 C albicans 1 F&A, then 4 F - Improved cough and sputum by 2 wk, trauma then death 3 mo later
9 C Krusei 3 F&A, then 3 V&A yes Near resolution of cough, sputum, and hemoptysis after 3 wk of V&A, died months later
10 C albicans, C glabrata, Aspergillus 1 V&A - Improved sputum over a week, then comfort measures and death
11 C albicans & others 1.5 V - Near resolution of cough, sputum by 12 days, with recurrence after 4 mo

wk – weeks, mo – months.Antifungal treatments include A - nebulized amphotericin, F - fluconazole, V – voriconazole. Voriconazole was generally 200 mg twice daily orally; nebulized amphotericin B 10 mg in 3 cc sterile water daily or twice daily.