Table 1.: Trials Comparing Natural and Protein-Free Synthetic Surfactants

Year Authors Surfactants Used Participants Endpoints of Trial Results of Trial
1997 Hudak et al. [42]
  1. Calfactant
  2. Colfosceril
Neonates <29 weeks GA
  1. Incidence of RDS
  2. BPD
  3. Pneumothorax
  4. RDS-related mortality rate
  5. RDS-related mortality rate
Calfactant reduced the rate of RDS and RDS-related morality, but no difference in other endpoints
2001 Soll et al. [41]
(Meta analysis)
  1. Natural surfactant
  2. Synthetic protein-free surfactant
Premature neonates from
11 randomised control trials
  1. Ventilator support
  2. Pneumothorax
  3. Mortality
Natural surfactants associated with lower rate of all endpoints